Friday, 23 December 2016

You Cannot Be An Elephant While Thinking Like A Rat.

The wonders of God are infinite.Nick Vujicic has no limbs and Jessica Cox has no arms. There is always a great possibility in everything that seems impossible. Impossibility plus Gods anointing creates a world of possibilities that will make one to be outstanding in life.
I am really enthralled by Nick and Jessica’s story as they both share same condition of
little or no limbs, but look at where they are today. Nick & Jessica did not allow their condition to get the best of them.

I am an able-bodied lady and I cannot boast of doing more than half the things these people have achieved in their lives. I cannot surf, swim or fly a plane. I cannot play any musical instrument neither can i stand in front of thousands of people to talk. Nick can surf and swim, an eloquent motivational speaker, and to top it off he's married to the love of his life with two kids.
Jessica was born without arms, a motivational speaker also who uses her feet as other use their hands, she can drive cars, surf and swim, play the piano, and she is a certified pilot.
I am not better than Nick and Jessica in any way, cause despite their “blessings” they have been able to achieve what I can only hope to achieve in my dreams. 
I believe Nick and Jessica are so outstanding today by their love for God and coupled with the way they think. As man thinketh in his heart, so is he. The way we think has a greater impact on our lives than our physical constraints.
Fear and disappointment, if allowed will only make us stagnant and unprofitable. We need to stop being our own worst enemy and fly like a bird. There is more than enough space in the sky for everyone to occupy and shine.

 It is not too late to start picturing yourself in a big way, engage more in big picture thinking, positive thinking. If your thought is limited or always negative, you will not get far. 
No one can become an elephant while thinking like a rat. And if you have a small thought about yourself, even God cannot help you.
I believe when God created us, he embedded in us his own likeness in creativity, pushing boundaries, determination to excel and be victorious in all things...we can achieve absolutely anything we set our hearts to do.

Its time to stop limiting yourself, don't place restriction on your destiny, for as long as God will always and forever be God, cast away that fear, step out in faith and occupy your space in the sky and sands of time!

God, please help me stop thinking like a rat.(Amen)


  1. wow! she can do all that without her arms? incredible.
    thanks for reminding us that sometimes there is possibility in impossibility.

  2. ...nothing is impossible, we just need to set our hearts on what we want to achieve and leave the rest to God!

  3. Think like a rat, you become and live as a rat!..Thank you.

  4. Thank you, this message really lifted up my spirit today.

  5. There is always a possibility in everything that seems impossible. Thanks for this write up.


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