Friday, 2 June 2017

Chinese Woman Ignored Doctors Advice,Nurtured Her Cerebral Palsy Child Who Is Now Admitted Into Harvard University.

 Wow!Mother's love for her son.
Zuo Hongyan totally ignored doctors and even her husband advice and devoted her life to helping her son overcome adversity and make the most of his abilities.Zuo's son Ding Ding was born disabled in central China.

Ding nearly suffocated during a birth complication in 1988, leaving him with cerebral palsy. Doctors in Hubei province suggested to his mother Zou Hongyan that she give up the baby, saying it was worthless trying to rescue him as he would grow up either disabled or with low intelligence.

But Zuo never gave up on her son Ding,she divorced her husband and concentrated on taking care of her son who has now beaten expectations by being admitted to Harvard University in the United States.
Ding Ding, aged 29, attributed his success in his academic studies as well as overcoming many of his physical handicaps to his mother's persistence and endless devotion.

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